The team at one of the evening meetings: first technical tests on the monster's glassy "skin".
Planning the stages for the creation of the structure: Nico, the steel expert, Gianluca, responsible for coordination and fittings, Beppe, who will create the structure in his factory, Somfer.
Simona and Nicola, the designer and the glassmaker, tell the group about their project.
The team is growing: discussions and evaluations about the colour effect of the first samples of the monster's "skin".
David shows the website to present the monster.
Francesca and Paola, communication and accountancy. Devis, the architect and Nico, the king of blacksmiths.
Martino, the engineer who developed the framework of the lagoon monster, talking to Giorgetto, the master blacksmith.
Martino, Nico and Giorgetto: the monster's structural soul.
Eugenia, organization secretary and Irina, an international guest who works on the Russian and Ukrainian markets.
Inside the monster: the prototype.
The wooden prototype made in cooperation with Marco, Frama Cantù.
Nicola and the wooden prototype.
To Murano to start working on the glassy "skin".
Nicola Moretti in his furnace in Murano, Venice.
The glassmaker sitting on the "scagno" (stool) while moulding the white hot glass. By rolling the cane, Nicola performs a special oscillation that allows him to evenly process the piece of glass.
The oven. Glass sets very slowly, falling from 1400° C when it's liquid and flowing to 500° C: glass can be processed in this interval.
During its processing, the piece of glass has to be put in the oven several times so that temperature won't fall and glass can be processed.
The glassmaker will now mould the glass by means of the so called "tagianti" or "taianti", typical Venetian word which means "scissors".
The glass blowing pipe allows creating hollow objects by blowing the glass which, drawing from the melting pot, is wrapped around the larger end.
Nicola is still moulding the piece by using the "borsella", a typical and essential tool of the glassmaker, which is a sort of elastic pliers used to choke, should and shape the objects.
The object is almost ready: we start to see its characteristic colours once it has set.
Gianluca at the Ragazzi&C. furnace with Nicola who is a partner in the business.
Nicola and Gianluca: reflections on the job to be done.