The voice

The "Lagoon Monster" can be heard from faraway.
Its language, made of infra- and ultrasound, re-echoes form the silence of the lagoon depths, emerging from the depths of the sea and only occasionally it can be perceived by the human ear.
A deep whisper comes out from water; it's a hollow, harsh and visceral sound that spreads through the immense and immobile expanse of the lagoon water.

Between a squeak and celestial harmony, among corals and fine spheres, the monster speaks its timeless and dimensionless alphabet. n the slow and inexorable movement of water, the Voice of the monster let itself hear, as developed by Romina Salvadori, Fulvio A.T. Renzi, Massimiliano Lupo and Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio, musical performers who try to interpret the monster's ancestral and instinctive language by celebrating its arrival into our world.

Romina Salvadori

Romina Salvadori - singer
Singer and co-founder of the historic group EstAsia, she released the album "Stasi"; she also founded the group RAN, and published the album "RAN" with them. In 2009 she distributed the double solo album "4 - Soundtrack". She takes in many different voice techniques which can be found in archetypal expressions. She can be defined as a researcher of deep consciousness through sound vibrations. The following artists have asked for her cooperation: Tantra, Giancarlo Onorato, La Crus, Ductia, Alessandro Grazian, Unfolk (Alessandro Monti), Vittorio Corsini, Tiberio Grego, RBR Dance Company.

Emanuele Wiltsch

Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio - Live looping, sequencing
Musician, player of different instruments, vocalist and active experimenter in Italy and in Europe. In 2009 he published the album "Musica Per Finestrini" with the Madriema project that he founded with Adriano Clera and Massimiliano Lupo. He has worked with visual artists and musicians such as: Paki Zennaro, Giovanni de Zorzi, Z-Star, Samuel Githui, Victor Mutelekesha, Kiluanji Kia Henda, David Boato, Fulvio A.T. Renzi, Yutaka Takei,Interno3, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Fondazione di Venezia.

Massimiliano Lupo

Massimiliano Lupo - Chitarra
Driven from passion for music, he started playing guitar at the age of 7. As a young artist, he made experience with local groups until the '80ies, when he founded the group Antinomia then Estasia. With them he has experimented ethnic and electronic sounds and instruments. His career marked a turn when he founded the Madriema project with Emanuele Wiltsch, Adriano Clera and many other musicians who work with them. At present he's involved in the new live project by Romina Salvadori with Madriema and Fulvio A.T. Renzi.

Fulvio A. T. Renzi

Fulvio A.T. Renzi – violin
Musician, composer and eclectic artist, was born in Viterbo in 1974. He has worked with any kind of artists and musicians, thus learning to play with sounds and defining his own form of expression. In 1995 he founded the cultural association Azione Sperimentale. Some of his achievements include arrangements, albums and soundtracks for comedies and documentaries, as well as international events.