The Lagoon Monster at the exhibition "MURANO OGGI. Emozioni di vetro


The lagoon monster back into the waters from which it is born and re-emerges in the artistic glass cradle: the Glass Museum of Murano, host of the exhibition :


"MURANO OGGI. Emozioni di vetro"

6 October 2016 – 25 April 2017

Murano Glass Museum - Spazio Conterie

Murano Venice


The Murano Glass Museum was founded in 1861 when the darkest period in the history of Murano glassmaking had been overcome, following the fall of the Republic of San Marco ( 1797) and the subsequent years of foreign rule. Antonio Colleoni (1811-1855) who was then mayor of the island and Abbot Vincenzo Zanetti (1824-1883) – an enthusiast regarding the art of glassmaking – were able to get the town Council to approve the idea of setting up archives consisting of any available information in order to map out the history and life of the island.

the murano glass museum


Following the fusion of Murano with Venice Municipality in 1923, the Glass Museum became part of the Venetian Civic Museums. The museum’s collection was further expanded by the addition of the Correr, Cicogna and Molin Collections which include, among other things, the most beautiful Renaissance pieces in the museum. The Archeological Heritage Department was responsible for setting up the archeological section whose most outstanding exhibits come from the necropolises of Enona (Zara).

Except for occasional purchases, even today additions are nade to the museum’s collection thanks to donations made by the island’s glassworks which enrich, above all, the contemporary collection.


After the February preview at the Tenuta Agricola di Cavallino Treporti, Venice, with an exhibition that attracted 1700 visitors upon invitation in 12 hours, “the lagoon monster” has reemerged from the quiet and magic waters of Punta della Dogana, in Venice, in the charming location Magazzini del Sale, where, at the 54th Art Biennale, was hosted by the exhibition  “Meridiano Acqua, Meridiano Fuoco”. In autumn 2011 the monster was exposed in the in the beautiful setting of the Museo di Arte della città di Ravenna, at the International Mosaics Festival.

In Spring 2012 the monster was hosted in the magic city, Istanbul, in the magical atmosphere of the Yerebatan Cistern, the Underground Cistern that was constructed at the time of Byzantine Empire in order to meet the water needs of the city. To september 2013 the monster was hosted in Bologna Water Design. In the winter of 2014 was exhibited at Villa Necchi - FAI, Milan.

May 24 the work has reemerged in Luvigliano di Torreglia, Padua: his voice is echoed in the beautiful Villa dei Vescovi - FAI until September 11, 2016, host of the exhibition "Glass - Arte del vetro oggi", edited by Jean Blanchaert.



Designed by Architect Simona Marta Favrin, it is an over 6 mt creature, made of an iron structure and a Murano glass skin created by the Glassmaker Nicola Moretti.

The lagoon monster is a magic creature, born from a legend told by Alberto Toso Fei and exhibited in its natural environment, namely water.

Featuring an innovative technological soul that lives through a pulsing heart and breathing in water, the lagoon monster is a live element, unpredictably still and irrationally scared by anthropic presence.